About Us

Until recently, a business trying to establish a presence with online video had very few choices. They could either have an employee or a nerdy nephew make an amateurish effort with an iphone and hope for the best, or they could hire a professional video production company to come to their business, write a script, film it, edit it, take weeks to produce it, and finally deliver a professional result…often at a cost of several hundred, if not several thousand dollars.

Videos have become one of the most popular forms of online entertainment and millions of people watch them every single day. Viewers will watch just about everything they can find online, including videos that are funny, informative, instructional, opinionated and even commercial.

This rise in the popularity of online videos has greatly altered the world of business marketing. Now even small businesses with tight marketing and advertising budgets can market their products and services to millions of people around the world, or make a significant impact for themselves in their local markets.

Your complete marketing plan should definitely include video marketing. If your online or offline business isn’t using video marketing strategies then you could really be missing out.